Save Your Cheers, Spend $50 On Kobe Instead

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in the world but, him charging fans $50 US for a membership to view his boobie-free website, really sends the wrong message. That’s right I said it! 50 freakin’ dollars to join — 0 boobies! Sure he has some free content on his site for his fan base, but shouldn’t everything be free? What kinda dedicated server is he running that costs that much to maintain anyway? To be fair, there are a few other things you get when you purchase a membership that I should mention and here’s the list of “goodies” below.

A KB24 Membership entitles you to all of the following:

  • An exclusive KB24 T-Shirt
  • Access to exclusive content including videos, audio and photos
  • Members-only access to exclusive contests.
  • Access to exclusive KB24 events
  • Access to member only messageboards, blogs, social network
  • Exclusive access to KB24 events (chat/blogs/live video/listening party, meet & greets etc).
  • Much More.

Unless “Much More” includes an erroneous t*tty weekly, the Cadbury secret and gives us 24/7 access to secret footage of Kobe Bryant dunking on George Bush, Ben Affleck and Anne Coulter at the same time with the Roots performing live at half court — in Rucker Park. Charging $50 is really taking a piss!

I understand selling t-shirts because why not make more money, but the costs passed off to us fans after the profit from his shirts, seem very unnecessary for a millionaire. 

Come on Kobe, show the working class fans some love with recession prices please.


  1. Hooped up is REAL talk for the people….I don’t know no Fanhouse….I don’t speak on Fanhouse…..I’m not hearing Fanhouse. HOOPEDUPONLINE YOU DIG!!!

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