Freshly Dipped: Kobe Bryant Sells Ankle Insurance

Kobe Bryant wants to sell you broken ankle insurance because he needs the money and you never know when some crab dribbling, And1 freak will explode your ankles like a cat in a microwave (PETA, I’m only kidding).

If you don’t want your ankle premiums to go up, I strongly urge you to sit down with your family and discuss ankle insurance before it’s too late. It could happen at anytime. Just like your assets should be insured, your house, car, van, boat and everything else. There are plenty of insurance companies out there that can help you in finding the right cover for you, just like Money Expert where you can look for van insurance.

But seriously, I haven’t been this impressed with an infomercial since I saw this guy rapping about Blu-Blockers!



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