Back From China, Marbury Still Talking Anti-Knicks

Back in the U.S., after his new team missed the playoffs. Stephon Marbury’s first Chinese Basketball Association season is in the books, but Marbury still had a few chapters to add regarding his former team the New York Knicks and head coach Mike D’Antoni.

“I was the person everyone wanted to blame, When I was there, it was always my fault. But it’s not one person. It’s a team, a coach, an organization.”

“You can’t trick Knick fans for too long,” Marbury said. “When things aren’t put on the table from the beginning, it’s difficult to go forward. Being a straight shooter is what it’s about. If you can’t be straight, people can’t respect it. I have no more qualms with him but he’s a BS artist.”

Marbury also said he felt bamboozled by D’Antoni who told him he could average 30 points in his uptempo offense when he became the Knicks head coach.

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