Wizards Could Void Arenas’ Contract

I’m all for everybody getting their paper to make a living, but if the Washington Wizards yank Gilbert Arenas’ contract. I really don’t think he’ll end up on the street, and it would be the best deterrent for future would be gunslingers.

To escape paying Gilbert Arenas the rest of his clogging contract — $80.2 million for four years after this season — the Wizards may seek to void the deal, and do so by invoking the morals clause in the uniform player contract under the league’s collective bargaining agreement. The Wizards have distanced themselves from Arenas since the handgun incident, removing his likeness from the Verizon Center and issuing terse statements that could be a precursor to an attempt to void the deal.

Even if the Wizards void his contract, I’m guessing that the players association will file an appeal on his behalf and drag this thing out further. I’m just interesting to see who will still be in the Arenas corner when all the dust settles.

Via New York Times

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