Gilbert Arenas Has An Instagram Account

Gilbert Arenas Has An Instagram Account

Gilbert Arenas Still Has It

The return of Gilbert Arenas as “Agent Zero” aka the “Hibachi” seems official via his new Instagram account, that shows him up to his old tricks. Everyone is thrilled he is back, its amazing how he’s been able to grow instagram followers! After the whole fallout with the Wizards. It felt like we would never see the wise cracking and ultra confident version of Arenas we loved that was also a three-time all-star in Washington. And during his time with Orlando, China and Memphis. Arenas was depressingly a shade of his former self both on and off the court, but that all seems over with.

Practicing fancy moves, shooting the ball from deep with confidence, gambling, cracking jokes and breaking the law. It’s all there on his Instagram account and I’m loving every minute of it. Welcome back Agent Zero.

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