Vince Carter Traded To The Orlando Magic


Orlando and New Jersey have agreed in principle in a deal that will bring Vince Carter to the Magic and send Tony Battie, Rafer Alston and Courtney Lee to the New Jersey, according to a league source.

The Magic have yet to confirm the deal, but the addition of a scorer in Carter, the trade would seem to end the Magic’s quest to bring back forward Hedo Turkoglu for a long term deal.

The deal also could include Nets’ forward Ryan Anderson. But there might still need to be some maneuvering done because the salaries are way off.

Carter and Anderson’s contracts add up to about $17 million, while the Magic’s three players have salaries that add up to just under $13 million.

Carter is set to make $16.3 million next season and $17.3 million the following season with a team option in 2011-12.

Orlando Sentinel


  1. Tracy why u hating!
    noo they won’t…u rather turk?..who couldn’t perform in the playoffs. shut ur face

  2. Its about time people start blogging and sharing there opinions on this site, and I agree with my man tracy noodles ( love the name son ) Vince will be there on and off with his angry grins that he gives after some kind of spectacular play, and then he’ll be grabbing his right ankle, mop his ass off the floor, sulk a bit, and then hobble on his left foot, because he’s too stupid to fake an injury properly. Big Turk and Vince aren’t the answer but with some gut checking, they can come through for you a few times…….but only a few times.

  3. […] I guess the East could be a little more interesting, with Detroit letting Rasheed Wallace go to Boston and instead bring in Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Will a big chemistry change and infusion of youth get them back to the elite level? Not sure those two guys are really on par with the old Pistons troika, but then Larry Brown and Flip Saunders did do yeoman’s work getting that bunch to play bigger than the sum of their parts in sheer talent. The Raptors are quietly building a good team, which Hedo Turkoglu strengthens further still. Of course, with Chris Bosh a year from free agency, their window to make a title run may not be a big one. But they’re definitely in the conversation along with Cleveland and Boston. Doubt Orlando’s gonna stick; they really did catch some fire in the playoffs and Turkoglu came up huge for them in several games. But they should have Jameer Nelson back at the point, and of course Dwight Howard isn’t even in his prime yet. Plus, they turned Courtney Lee and a couple of other pieces (including Rafer Alston, who was going to lose his point guard job upon Nelson’s return) into Vince Carter. […]

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