SportsFuzion Are The Nike Fun Police

SportsFuzion is really harshing my mellow today with word that they’ re suing everybody I’ve heard of and like more than them.

“A small sports-licensing company is suing Nike Inc. and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Inc., alleging fraud and breach of contract, over a proposed Nike line of Michael Jordan sportswear.

SportsFuzion Inc., of Westwood, Mass., claims Nike and the Hall of Fame’s plans for a line of “Air Jordan Hall of Fame” sportswear circumvent a 2006 contract that it said gave SportsFuzion exclusive sportswear licensing rights to the Hall of Fame’s trademarks and logos.

Scott Zuffelato, a vice president at the Hall of Fame, said on Tuesday it has no licensing agreement with SportsFuzion. The Springfield, Mass., company had not seen the lawsuit, he added. A Nike spokesman declined to comment.

Nike, which has held rights to Michael Jordan-branded goods since 1984, didn’t work with SportsFuzion in the Hall of Fame arrangement, the licensing company’s suit alleges. “Nike and the Hall of Fame basically colluded to cut us out of this deal,” said Steve Barlow, vice president and founder at SportsFuzion.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Mass., seeking damages “in excess of $10 million.”

Up next for FuzionSports are lawsuits against the Baseball Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, The Chess Hall of Fame, Fame the movie and the Hall of Fame of Hall of Fame. Unless they can be motivationalized to chill out by LeRoy Smith.

Via Wall Street Journal

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