McDyess Not Interested In Celtics

It’s beginning to look like McDyess will boomerang right back to the Pistons who traded him along with Billups to the Nuggets. Just ask the Celtics.

“The news is as expected on free agent Antonio McDyess. TheCeltics made their pitch and the big man let it slide on by. The early word after his trade from Detroit to Denver was that McDyess would take a buyout and return to the Pistons, and that is looking even more certain now. Danny Ainge spoke to Andy Miller, McDyess’ representative. “We spoke,” Ainge said, “but I didn’t get any sense that we should be optimistic about it.”

Boston Herald

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  1. What a strange world we live in these days, especially the world of The Association. News Flash!!! Antonio McDyess= NO CHAMPIONSHIPS. Boston Celtics in the past year= 1 CHAMPIONSHIP. Now the irony, the path to a championship most likely will have to pass through……hmm……wait…let me think…….oh ya……BOSTON….Thanks for coming out.
    In Life You are Either in or In the Way.

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