Theus On The Hot Seat

It’s just thirteen games into the 08-09 season and the Kings are surprisingly sitting at 5-8 with a banged up Kevin Martin in the western conference. Despite all that, Theus is on the hot seat…what’s up with that?

“Kings coach Reggie Theus, in light of recent comments made by team owner Joe Maloof that sparked talk about his job security, said there was one thing he wanted to get out there: He essentially agrees with Maloof. “Joe’s right in the sense that we have to get better,” said Theus, who is on the hot seat as the Kings hold the option for next season on his three-year deal worth $6 million. “My job is to find a way to get better. …(The) last six or seven games, if you just take the time to look at the defensive numbers, they will tell you this team has gotten a lot better defensively from the start of the season.” 

Sacramento Bee

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