DVD Review: Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot

Just before my server went down (arrgh!), I received a copy of Gunnin’ for that Number #1 Spot directed by Adam Yauch b.k.a (better known as) MCA of the Beastie Boys thanks to the good folks over at Oscilloscope Laboratories and it’s good to finally say “awesome I f*ckin watched that!” 

The documentary centers around the first ever outdoor all-star showcase of the top 24 high school players in 2006 at hoops Mecca, Rucker Park in Harlem and it was an idea way past due!  The great thing about this showcase game is that if you play at Rucker and look bad, no future sponsor can save your rep and these kids enter knowing that!  So as much as these kids want to be one day named along side of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird.  Don’t think for a second that they don’t want to me mentioned alongside street legends like Pee Wee Kirkland, Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond and Earl “The Goat” Manigault just as much; and Yauch was able to capture this feeling with accuracy in Gunnin’ for that Number #1 Spot.

The players Yauch focuses on, is a whose-who of young talent and each of their background and family stories  are interesting enough on their own merit without them picking up a ball.  These kids all have strong family support, a circle of good people around them, a willingness to get better and try to stay out of trouble.  This is the common thread each of these successful players share and this film does not blow smoke up your @ss to make you think a great jump is all it takes. 

There is a heavy heaping of true basketball action throughout the film and you quickly get an understanding of why these 8 players are on that next level. These young cats can really ball!  With MCA at the wheel, the soundtrack is on point and he uses classic cuts like Looking For the Perfect Beat, Brothers On The Slide , Hollywood Swinging, and  Straight Outta Compton to further shape and add texture to the experience he creates.

Overall if you are a basketball fan, you need this film in your collection. By the time you’re done watching this double DVD set, you will have seen all 24 players try to earn NYC love and if that isn’t enough. The hilarious commentary done by Bobbitto Garcia and Adam Yauch should hold you over.

Don’t sleep on this gem, go buy it!


  1. This movie was only aight to me. I seen it at the Tribeca film festival and wasn’t that impressed as a casual basketball fan. How much better can the DVD be?

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