Could Marbury End Up A Maverick?

It’s 10 games into the new season and the Knicks still haven’t budged on their Marbury stance yet. However, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is a fan of the Knicks point guard and given the right opportunity has said he would be interested in acquired him as a back up to Jason Kidd. 

“Mark Cuban held court before the game, and said he understood the Knicks’ decision with Stephon Marbury regarding changing the culture. Cuban also suggested there’d be a number of teams bidding for Marbury’s services when he becomes a free agent. Cuban was a guest on Marbury’s “Stars on Stars” TV show two years ago. Cuban likes him, thinks he’s a smart guy, has always lauded his business acumen from the Starbury sneaker campaign. The struggling Mavs (3-7) could use a deeper bench and a backup for Jason Kidd.”

NY Post

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