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Faces of the NBA Finals ‘Heat’

Faces of the NBA Finals ‘Heat’

Brian Konnick from Boynton Beach, FL, USA captures a few faces of the NBA Finals on the Miami Heat side.

by × June 5, 2014 ×
Shane Battier Gets 1,100 Cases of Bud Light

Shane Battier Gets 1,100 Cases of Bud Light

Instead of buying beer like a sucker. Shane Battier hatched the perfect plan to score enough barley pops for a small party in Canada. All he did was sign with the Heat, help them win 27 games in a row […]

by × April 22, 2013 ×

Shane Battier Tricked Paul Pierce, Yet Again

Over the last 12 months, Paul Pierce has not learned a thing when it comes to defending Shane Battier on an inbound pass.

by × March 19, 2013 ×

Shane Battier Sings The Love Boat Theme Song

Shane Battier sings the theme song from “The Love Boat” to promote his second annual “South Beach Battioke” celebrity karaoke charity event. Proceeds from the event benefit the Battier Take Charge Foundation. He’s got a big heart and terrible voice, […]

by × January 18, 2013 ×

Shane Battier ‘X’s and O’s’ Peak Commercial

When Shane Battier steps on the court, you can tell he has done his homework cause he graduated from a smart person school. While other players use the scouting report for awesome paper airplanes. Battier studies them line-by-line each game […]

by × July 13, 2012 ×
Shane Battier Exists Dammit

Shane Battier Exists Dammit

“That’s the title of my book, whenever I write it someday, ‘Didn’t You Used to be Shane Battier?’” he said. “Yes! Yes! When I was in Memphis, they asked me, ‘So where are you playing?’ I’m playing in Memphis. ‘Great, […]

by × June 12, 2012 ×
Shane Battier To Miami?

Shane Battier To Miami?

In a few hours NBA teams can speak with free agents and Miami Heat president Pat Riley has his franchise in strong position to sell Shane Battier on joining LeBron James and company in South Beach according to Yahoo! Sports. […]

by × December 4, 2011 ×

PEAK Team Press Conference

Players seem to be visiting China like it’s a trip to a neighbouring state these days. The reason? Well China has a population of about 1.34 billion people and a lot of them seem to love basketball. The latest troupe […]

by × August 24, 2011 ×

Peak Celebrates Chinese New Year

Up and coming athletic appeal company Peak from China wants to wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and to introduce you to the players you probably didn’t know that are rocking Peak shoes in the league right now. […]

by × February 3, 2011 ×
Homer News: Houston Rockets (36-34)

Homer News: Houston Rockets (36-34)

Thunder storm past Rockets Even when the score was close, the game was a mismatch of a hungry team on the rise and one battered and shaken, its season-long goal of making the playoffs wheezing its last breaths. The Rockets […]

by × March 25, 2010 ×
Hooped Up: Houston Rockets 08-09 Season Preview

Hooped Up: Houston Rockets 08-09 Season Preview

A team-by-team preview of all 30 NBA teams heading into the 2008 – 2009 season, Hooped Up style.   Houston Rockets The Rockets made the biggest off season splash when they acquired defensive superstar Ron Artest.  Paired with Tracy Mcgrady […]

by × October 29, 2008 ×