Ron Artest Standup Comedy Act

Ron Artest who was once¬†apparently¬†4-years old and has now changed his name to Metta World Peace. Took his brand of comedic stylings to the Brea Improv Comedy Club in Orange County on Friday night and Mark Medina from the LA Times caught it all on film — legally, I think.

Introduced by the emcee as:”The least respected member of L.A.’s losing basketball team. He is one of the worst rappers ever. And he shares pictures of his [expletive] on Twitter, ….”

Ron-Ron quickly worked to find his comedy fastball to answer the crazy questions from the audience and continued to solidify his status as the biggest cult hero in the league. His act is pretty much a PG-13 affair, but like anything he does it’s interesting to say the least.

Parts 2 and 3 of his act after the jump.

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