Top 5: Best Point Guards In ’10-11


Basketball party time is just around the corner and once again players have things to prove on the hardwood. But who are the best players in the league at each position on a nightly basis in the ’10-11 season? With your mind and excel sheet ablaze trying to figure that riddle out to no end.

Here’s my list of who the Top 5 players in the league are by position going into the ’10-11 season.

Today, we talk point guards.

5.Derrick Rose
09-10 Stats: 20.8 PPG / 6.0 APG / 3.8 RPG / 0.7 SPG / .489 FG%
Buy D.Rose stock while it’s young and approaches its 82 game career high this season. Rose improved his scoring last season by 4 points and adding another 2 points to his average in ’10-11 isn’t out of the question. Rose wants to be a MVP type player this year and with an increased defensive effort under new coach Tom Thibodeau expect a great season from a motivated Rose.

4. Rajon Rondo
09-10 Stats: 13.7 PPG / 9.8 APG / 4.4 RPG / 2.3 SPG / .508 FG%
If Rondo could score from the outside and hit free-throws more consistently, he would be the best point guard in the league. For now, he’ll just have to settle for being the best player on his team. There, I said it.

3. Deron Williams
09-10 Stats: 18.7 PPG / 10.5 APG / 4.0 RPG / 1.3 SPG / .469 FG%
If you believe everything you hear on tv during the playoffs, D-Will is now the best PG in the game. Williams should have a monster season with the added scoring responsibilities he’ll have and he’ll decide how high the Jazz will ascend — again.

2. Steve Nash
09-10 Stats: 16.5 PPG / 11.0 APG / 3.3 RPG / 0.5 SPG / .507 FG%
Go ahead underestimate Nash, he likes it that way. Somehow winning multiple MVP awards isn’t enough for critics to respect your basketball gangster anymore. Busted up face and all, Nash lugged the Suns to the western conference finals and if you still doubt his greatness, stop it.

1. Chris Paul
09-10 Stats: 18.7 PPG / 10.7 APG / 4.2 RPG / 2.1 SPG / .493 FG%
Durability talk be damned! CP3 finally proved he was human by missing 37 games in ’09-10, but he’s got way too much to prove this season for injury to be an issue this time around. Expect a return to the superhuman stats we expect from the best point guard in the game.

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