Allen Iverson Bound For Turkey

Is this what you call committing to a gag or a new beginning? Eleven-time all-star and all around enigma Allen Iverson, has agreed in principle to a two-year deal with Besiktas of the Turkish league worth a reported $4 million (U.S), according to Yahoo! Sports.

For the first time in his 14 year career, Iverson will not be enjoying opening week of the NBA season and instead he’ll be reporting to his new club in Turkey on October 31.

Even in Turkey they’re aware that Iverson tends to be a “flight risk” and his contract is structured as such. Iverson will have an opt-out clause after his first season in Turkey, but he also has a “no escape clause” that will prevent him from returning to the NBA if a team decides they want him back in the league.

If you want to see euro A.I. make his debut, you’ll only have to wait until November 6th when he is expected to play against Bornova. All of a sudden, Turkish basketball just got interesting. I just hope this path less traveled eventually leads him back to the NBA to finish off his Hall of Fame career.

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