A Day In The Life Of Grant Hill

Grant Hill know the dangers of MRSA first hand because it nearly killed him in the prime of his career. Sports Illustrated recently followed Hill, to NYC on a media tour spreading awareness about MRSA, which kills more people annually in America than AIDS.

In was back in 2003, when Hill underwent a major surgical procedure in which doctors re-fractured his ankle and realigned it with his leg bone but Hill had serve complications. Five days after the surgery was performed, Hill developed a 104.5 °F (40.3 °C) fever and convulsions. He was then rushed to a hospital and when doctors removed the splint around his ankle, they discovered that Hill had contracted a MRSA infection. He was hospitalized for a week and had to take intravenous antibiotics for six months.

Learn more tips about how to prevent MRSA after the jump from Grant Hill. More information couldn’t hurt.

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