NBA Uniforms Are Now Lighter, Hooray!


Nothing throws out my back worse than wearing a heavy basketball jersey all day, so I can only imagine the lower back pain NBA players have to deal with, lugging those archaic lead vest around for 48 minutes.

Fortunately, we live in an age of technology where flying cars are just around the corner and the adidas thread wizards did something about the heavy jersey issue plaguing the world by creating jerseys that are 30% lighter. Hooray!

Dubbed the NBA Revolution 30, the new kits you’ll see players wearing this season. Dry twice as fast as the old ones, reduce friction, draw heat away from the body, and utilizes adidas technologies such as Formotion, Climacool, TechFit and PowerWeb.

Plus they’re made from 60% recycled materials, my granola eating friends. I’m impressed, but I would have preferred a flying car still.

After the jump listen to Justin Fredricks from adidas break down the awesomeness with Josh Smith and Bill Walton.

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