NBA 2K11 Will Have All Kinds Of Jordans


Video game junkies already know, that Michael Jordan will be on the cover of NBA 2K11 and that he will heavily influence the best basketball video game franchise in the market today. As the release date for 2K11 approaches, the good news leaking about this game keeps getting better and better. Or you could say it keeps on getting Jordanier and Jordanier.

As is turns out, Michael Jordan the player and the brand will influence the game more so than usual and gamers will be able to digitally rock 25 pairs of Air Jordans.

“There are two legacies of Michael Jordan, his playing and his brand,” explains “NBA 2K11” producer Erick Boenisch. “And for this game, the Jordan brand guys at Nike were finally asking for us to incorporate all of their shoes into our game. This is something we wanted for years, so we were really excited that this year with Michael, they really got on board with us.

But to collect your J’s, you’ll have to put in the hours to stay fresh.

“The way they unlock is every couple of hours you get a new pair,” explains Boenisch. “The shoes also have attributes on them, so this becomes really beneficial both in My Player and MJ Creating a Legend mode. And shoes can be unlocked anywhere in the game, whether you’re playing online or franchise or practice mode. Your timer is always running and shoes are always unlocking.”

In total there 40 pairs of shoes from the Jordan line including the CP3s, Melo 5s, and other kicks from the Jordan line to fulfill your sneaker fetish. The order that you get your JB fix is random, so you might get a pair of 5s first then a pair of 23s next. It’ll be like a digital dice game. 2K11 drops October 5, 2010.

H/N The Gamer

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