Kobe Bryant Finds Little Mamba

Getting props from Kobe Bryant for a job well done on the court would be awesome for any baller at any level. However, getting a nickname from Kobe Bryant after schooling a bunch of other 8 year-old attending his Basketball Academy, is on an awesome scale far beyond adult comprehension.

After seeing 8 year-old Maseo putting on a clinic at his — clinic, the Black Mamba dubbed Maseo “Little Mamba” for his killer game that includes killer cross overs, aggressive drives and slick passing. Happy as a kid in the candy store after receiving such a high compliment. Maseo replied, “Kobe your better than Michael” then Lil’ Mamba made sure the camera heard what Kobe called him by saying  “Kobe called me Little Mamba!” Say hello to the new coolest kid in his entire elementary school in September.

See below why that nickname is well deserved. This kid can really ball!

H/N LA Times

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