Brandon Roy Apologizes For Rap Video Cameo


Brandon Roy released an apology for appearing in a music video by northwest rappers Cali & Cavalli that also has Jamal Crawford making a brief cameo.

Soon after the video hit the Internet that features some drug use, Brandon Roy apologized for appearing in the stereotypical hip hop video and said he was “disappointed in himself” for being in it and he didn’t condone the use of marijuana. Roy also said he wouldn’t want kids to even see the video. Now all we need, is for Cali & Cavalli to apologize for making us listen to their corny flows to have closure.

Peep the video after the jump and read the statement released by the maker of the video to clear the air regarding Jamal Crawford and Brandon Roy appearing in the “What They Want” video.

First, while I am indeed regretful about the negative light cast on Brandon Roy by some outlets in the media there was never any intent to disparage his name, image or garner a couple extra clicks on the internet. In fact quite the opposite.

The basic concept of Cali and Cavalli’s “What They Want” is a rags to riches tale of upward mobility–a standard format that many have seen utilized in recent music videos. It depicts two small-time hustlers ascension from the inner city, where the perils of drug use and fast money are more than evident, to the metaphorical use of basketball and Cali and Cavalli’s association with two of Seattle and the NBA’s biggest success stories as their own personal barometer of achievement.

To officially clear the air Brandon Roy and Jamal Crawford weren’t involved in anyway shape or form with the production, concept, or content of the video and neither were present for anymore than a few minutes of the filming and for the most part were bystanders.

As a director I fully understand the juxtaposition of some of the more controversial images in the video and how that may be taken out of context in the media, but the intent of featuring them was to highlight two EXTRAORDINARY examples African-American men who have not only “made it” but who are truly good guys that are responsible and continuously give back to the community here in Seattle.

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