Shaq Vs. Joey Chestnut

More “leaked” footage of the upcoming season of Shaq vs. hit the interweb, this time instead of all that Justin Bieber stuff. It’s Shaquille O’Neal versus hot dog eating factory Joey Chestnut. Judging by the footage with no official hot dog count at the end. Shaq got left in the dust by Chestnut despite the help Shaq had from his team and the son of the Ultimate Warrior over his shoulder providing positive reinforcement to the big Hot Dogtus.

I can’t imagine eating more than 2-4 hot dogs without being pretty full, so how the hell Joey Chestnut eats 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes is beyond me and my stomach walls.

After the jump, watch the rest of the contest that has causes Shaq to drop a f-bomb we can all agree with.

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