Shaq On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Shaquille O’Neal did the talk show thing last night and what started out as a Greco-Roman wrestling match turned into a good interview after Shaq kicked up his cheesy size 23 feet (literally) and chopped it up with Jimmy Kimmel the mortician. After they discussed mens underwear, these two homies discussed the LeBron-a-thon, who was the best player he ever played with and looking for work in a tough economy within 730 days.

But before the Big Clocktust runs out on the big fella, his show Shaq versus in its second season should keep him busy until a contender calls for his services. In season two of his reality based show, Shaq will challenge Dale Earnhardt Jr (git er dun), Charles Barkley, Sugar Shane Mosley, Justin Bieber, a spelling bee champ and even Jimmy Kimmel too.

Chances are Shaq will find a team to play for before the season begins, but if he doesn’t. His agent might as well get the chains moving on getting Shaq his own talks show — that will be executive produced by Steve Nash of course.

Part 2 of Shaq’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel after the jump.

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