Freshly Dipped: A Real Lakers Championship Ring, For $100

No joke, for $100 you could win a Lakers Championship ring designed by Jason of Beverly Hills and at the same time give back to needy kids in the Los Angeles area. To celebrate the 15th NBA Championship won by the LA Lakers, Jason of Beverly Hills created the wickedest championship rings the NBA has ever seen and now you can have your own.

Face it, you’ll probably never win a championship ring so why not increase your championship aspirations by entering the Lakers Youth Foundation raffle for $100. In the worst case scenario, you lose and still help some kids out and the in best case scenario you win the grand prize a Lakers Championship ring and still help out some kids out .

Still not won convinced cheapskate? Well, here are some cool facts about the ring that puts everything over the edge.

It’s Staples Center-esque: . The side view, of  the rings mirror the shape of the exterior of the Staples Center  “roof” and “sides”. Sorry for the reminder Clippers fans.

Extra Bling:14-karat gold?  Jason created these with 15-karat Laker gold in honor of their 15th NBA championship and adorned them with 15 diamonds weighing in at 2.85 carats.

Personalization: In the past every player has had their name and number on the side of their ring – these ones have the player’s image laser engraved on the side. If you get this option and you’re ugly,  just get Kobe’s face and you can lie and say ya’ll are friends. Girls will really dig that.

Super Authentication: Each ring has a diamond-engraved “L” placed in a different position on each player’s ring  viewable only with a high-powered microscope to authenticate each players piece. Plus, every ring has a serial number which is stored in a database that only the Lakers and the jeweler can access.

Primo Packaging: Each ring is in an oversized ring box that when opened. Has two built-in LED spotlights that shine on the ring that is mounted on a rotating mechanical platform. Okay, now I’d even accept just winning the box.

The Lakers Youth Foundation focuses on the use of sports to promote education, teamwork and self-esteem among Los Angeles area youth  and provides financial assistance to children and local youth programs.

Enter for your chance to win here.

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