Crittenton Had A Cocked And Loaded Gun

This Wizards gun deally is just getting from bad to worse as more details come to light. WTF!

The two players had been arguing during a card game on the Wizards’ flight back from Phoenix Dec. 19, and the dispute spilled into the team locker room at Verizon Center before practice two days later. Arenas has acknowledged bringing his handguns to the arena and displaying them in the locker room that morning in what he maintained was a playful gesture aimed at his teammate. According to two first-hand accounts of the confrontation, Crittenton responded to Arenas’s action — which included laying the four unloaded weapons in Crittenton’s cubicle with a note that read, “Pick One” — by brandishing his own firearm, loading the gun and chambering a round.

Seriously, if Jarvis Crittenton plays in anything more than a basketball beer league when this is all said and done I’d be surprised. The NBA is a money making entity so I get that somebody hungry to fill the stands will give Arenas another shot in the league. However, I have never heard of anybody wanting to see Crittenton play because I don’t know his family.

Arenas is probably going to get a year off minimum for his actions, so what the heck will Crittenton get is now the burning question.

via Washington Post

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