LeBron Would Love To Dunk On George Bush

If there was ever a time that a three-way call between Barack Obama, Don King and LeBron James needed to happen, it’s now to set up a LeBron James dunking on George W. Bush pay-per-view event. The public demands it!

Maxim magazine recently asked James, “If there was one guy on the planet you could dunk on, who would it be?” His response might produce as much reaction on Capitol Hill as on the basketball court. “If it doesn’t have to be a basketball player, George W. Bush,” James said. “I would dunk on [him], break the rim and shatter the glass.”

Since George Bush has already plundered the universes resources, I doubt he needs the extra pay-per-view bucks. At best maybe we’ll get an Undrcrwn artist rendition of the event, but that would be pretty cool too.

via Maxim


  1. […] to say about whom he would most like to dunk on during a Q&A in the latest issue of Maxim. (via Hooped Up) Maxim: “If there was one guy on the planet you could dunk on, who would it be?” […]

  2. Way to go you ghetto thug. I have not been an enthusiastic nba fan, but loved to watch you and the cavs last year. Now that you have attacked what I respect, I have no use for you. You will not win a nba title. You can not shot a free throw. How pathetic! Up yours you thug. You should have stuck with the entertainment business. Now I have joined the ranks of those who hold in contempt the nba. Good luck in ny next year. Not! So long sucker!
    Try and dunk on me and I will put you down!
    Dale Barnhart

  3. Wow Dale take it easy Dude, and its shoot a free throw, and up yours has not been used since the 80’s…..but thats alright

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