KFC Freestyle Delonte West

Delonte West really, really really loves KFC and so does his cousin. In fact, West loves KFC so much that he decided to drop a 88 thousand bar freestyle about it and his cousin loves KFC so much, that he decided to work there.

Career choices aside, this video clip gives Starbury TV a run for its money. The combination of Delonte West, dude riding shotgun, his cousin and the Jamaican guy (respect) all made my online day. You might not like his flow, but like a V-neck basketball jersey in a terrible video for an aight song –you’ll keep watching it.

Now thanks to the Chicken Meng, I am now knee deep in some Razz-mar-burry and a bucket of original recipe — with chipotle sauce of course.

The V-neck basketball jerseys in a terrible video for an aight song I was talking about, after the jump.


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