Ainge: “Rondo’s Got To Grow Up”

Rajon Rondo has been mentioned in trade rumours all week and today GM Danny Ainge spilled the beans about the Rondo situation.

With Rajon Rondo’s name continually popping up in trade rumors, Celtics president Danny Ainge spoke once again this morning about his point guard, stressing his value to the team while also saying “he’s got to grow up” in some areas and making other critical comments. Ainge said Rondo needed to take more of a leadership role and revealed the 23-year-old was fined for showing up late to a playoff game.

Rondo already looks 12 years-old, so I feel this comment by Danny Ainge isn’t fair. Plus I bet if Ainge and Rondo went to Six Flags and talked things over, with some cotton candy they could work out their differences.

Via Boston Globe

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