Kobe Bryant Gets The NBA 2K10 Cover

Kobe Bryant will be a free agent in 2010 and Spike Lee and every other Knick fan hopes that Kobe Bryant is at the very least plan B. Plan A of course being LeBron “Loves the Yankees” James. Since the Knicks have more money than NASA, it’s a possibility that both Plan A and Plan B could C their way to New York, but for now you’ll just have to override your trade setting in NBA 2K9 or NBA 2K10 which will have Kobe “4 Rings” Bryant on the cover when it hits store shelves.

But as you’ll see after the jump, if Spike Lee has his way Mars Blackmon or any other Knick could land an alternative cover. Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?

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  1. Gone are the days that no one wanted anything to do with Kobe, Nike secretly supported him before now , like the jock guy that dated the goth girl on the side, and I thought I would see Eddie House on the cover of any game before Kobe, but like they say when in Rome, do what Kobe does. Question does this game have a secret function like, special edition Kobe disses for his team mates when they screw up, or show him getting pissed when they miss an open shot, those would be worth getting the game, if this game has those 2 features, I have no problem getting schooled by my boy Smitty for an hour while I try and figure out X Y O buttons.

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