Howard Wants To Stay In Orlando Long-Term

Orlando Magic all-star center Dwight Howard, publicly addressing his long-term future for the first time, told the Sentinel on Monday that he’d love to finish his career in Orlando. As long as Orlando wants him, he says. “It is an interesting question,” Howard said. “You know what? I’ll be here as long as the fans want me to be here. They have a lot of do with it.” Howard, 23, is a five-year veteran and has four more years left on his $85-million contract.

“I tell my friends this: I want to stay here. It will be based upon the city. We want the support of our fans. That’s what carries us, that’s what inspires us, that’s what keeps us motivated. “You want to feel loved. That’s the biggest thing. I show my love to the community. I show my love to this city by stepping on the floor every night and playing as hard as I can. That’s all we want back.” 

Orlando Sentinel 

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