Odom Errupts And Lakers Roll Ahead

On Wednesday, in what may prove to be the pivotal contest in the series, Odom put his words into action. Playing 32 minutes, Odom took 15 shots, more than anyone else on the team — even Kobe Bryant. Odom made seven shots en route to 19 points. And, in adding 14 rebounds, three assists and four blocked shots, it was clear Odom may feel sufficiently emboldened to once again show his face around town. “I had to suck it up,” Odom said after his team’s 103-94 win. “Couldn’t pick up the paper anymore. Didn’t want to answer the phone. Couldn’t watch ESPN. Couldn’t watch TV for a little bit. “I took it like a man. I had to. . . . I haven’t been playing well. My back’s to the wall. I put my focus cap on, came out and went after it.” 

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