Obama Talks Draft Picks With The Maloof’s

Sacramento actually has options in this years thin draft with the fourth pick and while rubbing elbows with the my homie (on Twitter) and should be Bulls GM  Barack Obama at a function in Las Vegas. They Maloof’s asked the President who they should select to help the Kings next season. 

“Phil asked him who we (the Maloof-owned Sacramento Kings) should take in the NBA draft,” George Maloof said. “He liked Blake Griffin, of course; (Hasheem) Thabeetfrom Connecticut and he loved the kid from Memphis – Tyreke Evans,” the consensus national freshman of the year choice.”

Don’t worry tax paying complainer guy, I’m sure the conversation eventually drifted over to the North Korea situation, but I’m sure it was brief since it goes without saying that Kim Jong-il is a crazy bastard.

Via Las Vegas Review-Journal

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