One Kid Who Believes D-Wade Is MVP

At halftime of the Heat versus Pistons game yesterday, a pretty awesome story about a courageous young Miami fan named Michael Stolzenberg being visited by Dwyane Wade aired and I thought it should get more air time today. On July 22, 2008, eight year-old Michael Stolzenberg almost died from a bacterial infection and had both his hands and feet amputated due to oxygen deprivation to his limbs. Yet, despite his physical limitations he still has the heart of a lion.

Good stuff Mr. Wade! I couldn’t find the full clip that aired yesterday on ABC, but when D-Wade showed up to see Michael Stolzenberg a night after he hit an amazing buzz beater against the Bulls in a double overtime win scoring 48 points. Wade asked Stolzenberg if he had watched the game last night, Stolzenberg said “ya I did, you missed those free-throws”. Absolutely hilarious!!! This kid should be a blogger with that level of snark.

To read more about this great kid and to help the Stolzenberg family out, please visit


  1. I saw this kid yesterday too. He definitely has a heart of a lion! It’s stories like these that make you realize you can pick yourself up and keep going no matter what!

    Thanks Hooped Up!

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