Nellie Must Really Hate Jamal Crawford

Two things I know for sure today. One, Vin Diesel can’t do a movie that doesn’t have him in a wife-beater at least once. Two, Don Nelson does not like Jamal Crawford.

“Crawford sat out Sunday’s game though his Nellie-imposed vacation was done. He’s saying he needs to practice, which is the reason he sat out Friday’s game. The Warriors’ only practices are Monday and Thursday. So, as it turns out, Crawford won’t play until after that second practice, which puts him back in the lineup for Saturday. He’ll have three practices then, because the Warriors have two off days between Wednesday at Dallas and Saturday at Denver. Whose buying the practice line? Not me.”

Not me either Mr. Marcus. For Nellie not to play a guy that has close to no discretion with shot selection, he’s really not gotta like him. Why? Well Billy, that’s because Don Nelson’s entire offensive philosophy for the past 33 years has been solely based on taking bad shots. Their I said it, my wrist couldn’t stop my fingers.

Via Contra Costa Times Blog

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