Oden Has Had Enough

Greg Oden isn’t a happy camper these days and he’s had enough like Jennifer Lopez in that movie where she beats up that dude that was beating her up.

Note to self, remind Rhianna to rent this film and buy Graham crackers and chocolate at the market.

“These days, when Greg Oden seeks solace, he usually heads to a restaurant and looks for a table with a view and a seat for only himself. He finds it relaxing, he says, just looking out the window and eating. During these moments, usually right after Trail Blazers practice, he can escape the pressures of being himself. It is a time when no one is analyzing his rookie season with the Blazers. When no one has an opinion of how he should carry himself. And most gratifying, it’s a time when no one asks about his injuries, including the latest — a chipped left kneecap that has caused him to miss 10 games and counting. “I can just eat, relax and be by myself,” Oden says. Truth be told, he would rather scream, because he is fed up with it all. Fed up with the injuries, which prevent him from playing the game he insists he loves. Fed up with the media, which have portrayed him as injury-prone and a bust. And to a degree, he is fed up with himself and his performance on the court this season. In Greg Oden’s world, everything, and everyone, is seemingly against him. “It’s like, dang, can I ever do anything right?” Oden says.”

Via The Oregonian

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  1. Dude just has bad luck! Maybe he should have stayed in college longer.

    Now he just sounds like a sui-case.

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