The LeBron James Free-Agent Plot Thickens

Was it really necessary to have projections and research done, to see who would want the best player in the league available for bidding in 2010 now? Probably not, but the number of teams that are potentially in position to nab LeBron James is surprisingly large!

“Research and projections done by The Plain Dealer reveal that currently there are 18 teams in position to offer LeBron James, or just about anyone else for that matter, a maximum contract in July 2010. It is a fluid list that could change dramatically and will likely shrink because teams will be drafting and signing players to new contracts between now and then. The Nets and Pistons are two teams that have made moves to clear salary-cap space for 2010, which is shaping up to be the most prolific free-agent season in NBA history. James, as it is well-known, is the centerpiece of that market.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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