All-Anything: The NBA All Comedy First Team

As part of my contribution to the All-Anything NBA Team Carnival of the NBA thread. I bring you the “All NBA Comedy First Team”. To make this prestigious list, you still must be playing in the league and you gotta be a funny S.O.B.

With players this funny, you don’t need a bench!

(This might become a Hooped Up regular in the future…we’ll see)

PG – Steve Nash
Steve Nash has been the player with the hottest comedic streak going this year, with skits and commercials that have been viral money all summer long. By the way, comedy is really Canada’s national sport!
Greatest Hits: Vitamin Water Spokesman / The Chipped Tooth Interview

SG – Baron Davis
Davis made headlines because of his new deal with the LA Clippers and being named the spokesman for Jenny Craig, (which is funny enough to make this team alone) this summer but Boom Dizzle has been hard at work on the comedy scene and has crafted some classic comedic gems.
Greatest Hits: Step Brothers / Baron Davis Gets His Skate On

SF – LeBron James
The best player in the league is one of the funniest people in it too. When you’re LeBron James good on the court your comedic skills can go unnoticed at times but, make no mistake James is one funny dude!
Greatest Hits: Lebron And Pussycat Doll Get ZoomyJames Is Having Fun With His USA Teammates

PF – Chris Bosh
Bosh and his comedic stylings have become well-known league wide with his very own Youtube Channel and with his work on Jay Leno. He’s good, funny and doesn’t take himself to seriously; there is no way CB4 doesn’t start for this team!
Greatest Hits: Chis Bosh On Jay Leno DebutChris Bosh Goes For Comedic Gold

C – Shaquille O’Neal
If you made Kazaam you would be a lock on this list too. Shaq is one of the biggest kids you’ll see in the NBA and when he’s not playin’ he’s jokin’.
Greatest Hits: Shaq Attacks Kobe: You Ruined My Marriage! / Shaq versus Elie “Yo Mamma” Face Off

Coach – Greg Popovich
With this group of comedians only a man who would use regular season game minutes for a prank can coach this bunch.
Greatest Hits: Hack A Shaq 5 Seconds In


  1. Steve Nash could probably play all five positions on this team. He’s that funny! Great post!

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