Shaq And Hill Want To Buy Magic

More big ticket NBA players should explore this option when it presents itself. It only makes sense and their are not enough former players involved in ownership.

“If DeVos is open to discussing a sale, Hill and O’Neal want to be first in line. If not, the partnership will consider other teams. There’s no way to know which way it will go, not when we’re probably talking the summer of 2010 at the earliest and no one can say for certain where the economy will be headed in two months. Asking prices will change. The financial needs of owners with major investments in non-basketball entities will change.

O’Neal and Hill were always friendly — when Hill was living through one of many injury setbacks with the Magic, Shaq was a Laker and handed over keys to the gym at his house so Hill could use it anytime — and have grown closer since becoming teammates in Phoenix last season. They live a few minutes apart in Orlando.”

Sacramento Bee

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