Curry Plans To Start

Eddy Curry plans on starting for the Knicks even though he will have to run, pass, rebound and block a few shots for the D’Antoni style Knicks.   With Isiah Thomas, Curry was the focal point of the offense and I still can’t figure out why, but chances are Eddy Curry will be playing limited minutes this season for D’Antoni so he doesn’t kill him.  

Seriously, the very thought of rebounding and running could put Curry in anaphylactic shock.

“Curry said he is not ready to surrender his starting role just yet, but he also didn’t make any threats if he isn’t among the starting five.

“I’m not really planning to come off the bench. I plan to start,” said Curry, who started all but one game last season for Isiah Thomas. “But if that’s where he sees me playing, that’s what’s going to happen. But as of now, I’m not planning to come off the bench.”


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