Top 5: NBA Players Who Could Play In The NFL


I am a huge NBA basketball fan, but running a close second is definitely NFL football. I can hear John Madden already with the “BOOM!”, “NFC, NFC” and Horse Trailer talk already. So with a new NFL season kicking off today, let’s get a look at who in the NBA could actually play in the NFL today and I mean it.

Scouting Report
player: LeBron James / height: 6’8″ / weight: 250 lbs
projected position: tight end / NFL comparison: Antonio Gates

In high school LeBron James was an all-state wide receiver highly recruited by college scouts. With his mix of great hands, size, speed and leaping ability. James would be a defensive coordinators nightmare. He’s bigger than most linebackers in short yardage situations and he’s faster that your DB’s when you need to send it deep. Game plan for that mister defensive coordinator.

Scouting Report
player: Steve Nash / height: 6’3″ / weight:1 78 lbs
projected position: placekicker / NFL comparison: David Akers

If Nash focused on soccer instead of basketball, he would have surely been a pro somewhere. Nash can kick a basketball into a hoop from about 15 feet out. So nailing an extra point or a 30-yard field goal, would be a piece of cake. Plus at a career 89.7% free throw clip, he’s clutch in routine situations.

Scouting Report
player: Glen Davis / height: 6’9″ / weight: 289 lbs
projected position: fullback / NFL comparison: Lorenzo Neal

Possibly the most nimble 289 pounder I have ever seen in my life! Back in high school, Davis played fullback, tight end and defensive end. He rushed for 976 yards and 14 touchdowns on 141 carries. Plus he had 13 catches for 257 yards and a touchdown. He’s so wide, a running back following him through the hole would go untouched.

Scouting Report
player: Allen Iverson / height: 6’0″ / weight: 180 lbs
projected position: quarterback / NFL comparison: Michael Vick

As a junior, Iverson played quarterback and cornerback for Bethel High School, leading them to the State Championship. Scouts rated him higher that NFL quarterbacks Michael Vick and Aaron Brooks in high school which means he was dang good. He’s tough, fast, has a cannon for an arm and loves ATL. I’m surprised the Atlanta Falcons haven’t kidnapped him yet.

Scouting Report
player: Nate Robinson / height: 5’9″ / weight: 180 lbs
projected position: cornerback / NFL comparison: DeAngelo Hall

The only player on this list to have played college basketball and college football. Robinson only had a football scholarship while attending Washington and was a walking on for the Huskies basketball team. Before he made the switch to basketball full-time, Robinson was a NFL draft lock.

Given his physical nature (ask J.R. Smith) and ability to elevate quick (ask Yao). Robinson would make quarterbacks think twice about tossing the pig skin on his side of the field.


  1. A.I. could not play QB. Height is valued so much at the QB position in the NFL. Not to mention he’s too thin. At 6’0″ 180 he couldn’t see over his offensive line, most of whom are in the 6’3″ to 6’8″ range. Not to mention with the opposing defensive linemen, who go about the same. And I’d like to see Iverson walk away from a blindside sack from Haynesworth, Seymour, Rodgers, Peppers, etc. I have seen tape though, and the kid could play in HS. But HS ain’t the NFL. Maybe at CB. Maybe at slot. But the thought of him going over the middle against Patrick Willis or Ray Lewis is terrifying.

    I’d throw Chauncey Billups on this list. He played QB and S in high school and was named Mr. Colorado in football. At 6’3″ with a big frame, he was given plenty of football scholarship offers, along with his basketball ones. I mean, Smooth could probably go up to 210-215 range and he’s thick. Plus he’s got great hands and had good vert in his prime. I’d take him at FS over Iverson at QB.

  2. Also, Ben Wallace or Kenyon Martin at DE/OLB in a 4-3/3-4. Both huge guys with great strength and long arms and undderrated quickness. They could swim, rip, spin or bull rush all day.

    Otherwise, good list.

  3. baby at fullback!? yeah right man, id put 20 more lbs on him and throw him a OT or maybe even a defensive tackle

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