Top 5: Most To Prove In 08 -09


A lot of players will have much to prove next season but, these players have just that much more to prove.  

5. Darius Miles

Two years removed from his last game, Miles has been working out for teams in hopes of returning to the NBA next season.If the one time high school phenom now 26 year old can make it back to the league, he will have a long line of non believers to prove wrong.


4. Stephon Marbury

After disappointing seasons under Larry Brown and Isaish Thomas. Starbury is now entering his last year of his contract and has has never had more reason to prove others wrong about what’s left in the tank.  With career numbers of 19.7 ppg and 7.8 agp it would be tough to bet againt him.


3. Elton Brand

A year after a torn achilies sidelined the former Clippers power forward for the entire season. Brand has now signed with the Philadelphia 76ers and has to prove mostly to himself that he is the player he once was before injury.


2. Tracy McGrady

Currently the best player in the league, never to make it out of the first round of the playoff’s.  McGrady just needs to win one to stop the first round bleeding that has plauged him his whole career.


1. Kobe Bryant

Yes, LA finised with the best record in the West and sailed into the finals. However, the last time we saw Kobe Bryant, the Lakers were getting thrown a beatin’ by 40 points and Kobe didn’t really look like the league MVP. Add a Shaq freestyle diss and talk of a legacy ruined to the mix and revenge is definetly on the mind of Bryant.

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