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Ahhh! Just like old times it’s Celtics versus Lakers. David Stern must have peed himself out of excitement to have this match up alive again. Really, did anybody want to see Clevland, Washington, or Orlando in the finals? Boring!!! With the exception of the Spurs almost anybody from the West works well in the finals but, having the Lakers back in the big show against the Celtics is icing on the cake.  

Here’s our breakdown of how this series is going to go.

Both teams have players capable of putting up big numbers offensively especially “The Black Mamba”, who can and will go Nova when needed. However, in the only two meetings the Lakers and Celtics had in the regular season. The Celtics kept Kobe in check making Kobe shoot for volume and terrible percentage. In contrast the trio of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have had great games against the Lakers hitting on all cylinders. Yes, the Lakers are number in offense in the playoffs and the never never had Pau Gasol in previous match ups but I’ll still take the Celts in a heads up match up.
Advantage: Celtics

The bench match up will play a factor the more games in.  The Celtics have veterans like Cassell, Brown and Posey that are battle tested warriors in the playoffs that provide a defensive lift off the bench.  On the Lakers bench Radmonovic, Vujucic, and Farmar are still wet behind the ears and are defensive liabilities at best, and defense wins championships
Advantage: Celtics

The Celtics had the leagues best defense during the regular season and continue to play stellar defense in the playoffs ranking second overall. The Lakers have been above decent defensively thought the regular season and the playoffs ranking fifth. Plus, the Celtics have been controlling the glass not giving up second chance opportunities. I give the edge to Kevin Garnett and the swarming Celtics defense.
Advantage: Celtics

It’s not a popular pick, but the Celtics time is now and Garnett will not net this opportunity slip away.  Sorry Kobe.
Celtics in 6


  1. So far you are bang on! When Kobe shoots for volume he becomes bad for the Lakers. That why Jax had to sit him mid way in the fourth so somebody else could step up. I’m on the Celtics in six bandwagon!

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