Shaq Traded To Suns For Marion


The Phoenix Suns have acquired Shaquille O’Neal in a stunning, blockbuster deal that sends four-time All-Star Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to the Miami Heat.

The improbable pairing of the speedy Suns and the slow but once-mighty O’Neal became official when he cleared a physical exam Wednesday.


  1. so bad….so so bad.

    what is The Matrix thinking right now? They dumped me for a 36-year-old? Who should have retired 4 seasons ago? The Suns, being my 3rd fave squad mad a very very poor choice here. They did it to counter the Gasol deal?

    Pfft check the score of the Atlanta game 2nite. Horford 15 and 20? Pau.

  2. If the Suns don’t win the ‘Ship this year, they are pretty screwed. It was a mad gutsy move to deal Marion for Shaq to counter the likes of Pau, Duncan, and Yao in the West so Kerr has to get props for that. But! If this back fires, the Suns are back at square one. Who knows though, this might be crazy enough to work. Hey, if the G-Men can win it all (damn it!) then anything is possible.

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