Gilbert Arenas And LeBron James Beef Cooking Up?

LeBron James shrugged off recent comments by Washington’s Gilbert Arenas suggesting that James didn’t like to take big shots at the end of games. In the Hoops Odyssey blog at, Arenas is quoted as saying, “The guy LeBron needs is [Los Angeles Clippers guard] Sam Cassell. He needs someone who wants to take the big shots at the end of the game. LeBron would much rather have Cassell take the final shot. People don’t realize that LeBron doesn’t want it.

Said LeBron James: “I made two game-winners in the playoffs against him and knocked him out of the playoffs. So I don’t understand where he gets that from. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Cleveland Plain Dealer


  1. Gilbert’s my man and I personally feel like he is at least just as good as Lebron. Despite that though, those were foolish comments for Gilbert to make. I get what Gilbert’s saying, Lebron does pass the ball in situations where the superstar is expected to step up and shoot. The shots Lebron is referring to that he made against the Wizards were one-layup and another from about a foot away from the basket. I’ve seen him pass up shots, even turn the ball over when trying to give it to someone else so they’ll shoot the pressure shot. That said, that was obviously going to be Lebron’s response and it should be, he did make take and make the shots regardless of how easy they were. I have noticed that Gilbert does indeed get distracted and at this point in the season, it seems to be affecting his game. I hope he gets back on point, this may the Wizards year to make it to the Finals and they likely will face the Cavs somepoint along the way.

  2. I think it’s a beef cooking but that doesn’t mean Gilbert has a point. Gilbert is attacking legit stars like LeBron for one reason. He knows his name can be mentioned every time LeBron gets mentioned when we all look back at the NBA great match ups. Only one problem… he [Gilbert] isn’t doing much for himself by sounding like this new generations version of Charles Barkley. Gils made himself a marked man… And agent zero is starting to look like just that… A Zero.

  3. hahaha,
    i find it funny that people would even try to compare gilbert to lebron.
    lebron is the bestt.
    and thats it.
    i agree,
    agent zero is a zero

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