Kobe Bryant Loves Him Some FC Barcelona

I’ve already made the comparison between David Beckham and Kobe Bryant in the past and after his recent photoshoot with ESPN magazine, the comparison got a wee bit closer. Kobe Byrant put on a FC Barcelona kit and had some fun with a group of FC Barcelona fans on a Los Angeles pitch somewhere for the ESPN Fan Issue and he looked match fit.

Lionel Messi doesn’t have to worry about his job yet….but lets just say if Bryant wanted to play football, being 6’6″ with gazelle like leaping ability and speed to spare wouldn’t hurt his case to play in La Liga.

Plus for a full-time basketball player, the free kick game of Kobe Bryant looks pretty tight!

Nobody knows if David Beckham with return from AC Milan to play with the LA Galaxy (he’s so not coming back) but all I know is if the Lakers agreed to put Kobe Bryant on loan to FC Barcelona, they might as well just start saving for LeBron James instead because Kobe Bryant loves him some FC Barcelona.