Contest: Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot DVD Giveaway

Yesterday, I reviewed Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot and today you’ll all get a shot at reviewing it yo delf! I have an extra copy of this ill DVD that can be all yours in the first ever Hooped Up giveaway. It’s simple, funniest Photoshop caption of the picture above wins the copy no foolin’!

E-mail your submissions to and the contest ends November 25th.

Good luck!

UPDATE: All caption no longer need to be Photoshopped in, rejoice!

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  1. “This is my name. Right here,” boasts sleepy gaffer.

  2. All comments have to be Photoshopped in to qualify. My digital peeps.

  3. future winner says:

    This DVD is mine! I’m just throwing that out there right now!

  4. Me and Sasquatch could so take Beasley and Jennings!

  5. “Ya I directed this flick, what!”

  6. “My new skills pay more bills, see”

  7. dees kids played dramastically!

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