The 2010 LeBron James Brooklyn Watch Continues

It appears that the Nets who want to relocate to Brooklyn, are not the only ones stacking chips and clearing the decks to reel in the best player in the game.  LeBron James.

“The Nets were once considered the odds-on favorite to get LeBron James, possibly the game’s most transcending player. He is a close friend to the rapper Jay-Z, a part-owner of the Nets. But the team’s planned move to Brooklyn is at a standstill, which could significantly lessen the chances of James becoming a Net. That is the view of Sonny Vaccaro, the former shoe executive who keeps tabs on his former ABCD campers, James included. Vaccaro said he thought James would end up with the Knicks. “LeBron’s relationship with Jay-Z will go on regardless,” Vaccaro said. “He’ll be an international celebrity in New York. If the Nets aren’t in Brooklyn, he’s not going over there for even $200 million. They’re putting pieces together. They’re doing the right things. They’re just living in the wrong building.”

NY Times

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