Luol Deng Speaks Out Against Travel Ban

Luol Deng Speaks Out Against Travel Ban

Native of South Sudan and LA Lakers forward Luol Deng shared his very personal feelings about the wildly unpopular travel ban being enforced by the Drumpf administration via Twitter. Here’s his message.

“I am a #ProudRefugee. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the opportunity to find refuge in a safe harbor. for the people of South Sudan, refugee resettlement has saved countless lives, just as it has for families all over the world escaping the depths of despair.

It’s important that we remember to humanize the experience of others. Refugees overcome immeasurable odds, relocate across the globe, and work hard to make the best of their newfound home. Refugees are productive members of society that want for their family just as you want for yours. I stand by all refugees and migrants, of all religions, just as I stand by the policies that have historically welcomed them.”

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