Steve Nash Is Developing a Basketball Show for CBC

Steve Nash Is Developing a Basketball Show for CBC

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The two-time NBA MVP, Team Canada men’s basketball general manager and part-time Golden State Warriors consultant Steve Nash will be developing a basketball TV series with CBC Television.

The shows focus will revolve around an elite youth basketball school outside of Toronto run by a “flashy, big-city entrepreneur” according to CBC.

“I see our young basketball stars having to navigate a very challenging landscape,” Nash said in a statement.

“Being a teenager is difficult enough, but add to that the bright spotlight, the countless dubious characters, the expectations and pitfalls of the recruiting process, and it can be a toxic mix. But it’s also one of the most exciting times of a player’s life, when anything is possible.”

There has been no word on when this project will being, but stay tuned for more information right here on Hooped Up.

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