Jeremy Lin Poised For a Great Season

Jeremy Lin Poised For a Great Season

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Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin is now on his fifth team since joining the league. Not since playing with the Knicks has Lin been in a situation where he could flourish, but according to former New York Knicks Beat Writer Nathan Gottlieb. Playing with the Hornets offers the best chance for a Linsanity sequel.

“I firmly believe the Lin you’ll see this year is a more mature, more under control version of Linsanity. Lin is better now than during Linsanity.

I expect a big year from Lin, who will then opt out of his 2-year deal, having regained his reputation, and will sign for his true dollar value, likely a 3-4 year deal. Which would stop the crazy bouncing from team to team.”

Last season, with the Lakers Lin averaged 11.2 points, 4.6 assists and 2.6 rebounds.

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