The Time Adam Sandler Tried To See Shaq's Penis

The Time Adam Sandler Tried To See Shaq’s Penis

LA Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal has been lucky enough to work with comedian Adam Sandler on a couple of hollywood productions like the movies Blended and Grown Ups 2. During downtime on one of their films, Sandler, Shaq and a few other actors got together for a game of hoops before filming started again. So before everyone returned to set, Shaq decided to take a shower. Thats’ when Sandler decided he wanted to see Shaq’s penis and he isn’t the only one, I’m sure many porn sites would love to see it too, for example, Find more HD XXX at, it is easy similar to what we imagine Shaq is packing. For historical reasons. Watch this hilarious animation version of Sandler recounting his story to Conan O’Brien of his adventure. This is your comedy gold of the day people.

The Time Adam Sandler Tried To See Shaq's Penis

This was the actual interview.

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